Who We Serve


developing groundbreaking artificially intelligent systems for SERVICE MEMBERS AND first responders


At Shield AI, our products are designed to meet the specific needs of our customers: service members, law enforcement and first responders. Our mission is to protect them and those they serve by providing insight and visibility in places which are out of reach today.

Our AI framework, Hivemind, enables robotic systems to autonomously explore unknown environments, to learn from their experiences and to grow more capable with each use.

Powered by Hivemind, Nova is the leading AI-powered aerial robot capable of completing intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) missions in the interior of structures with minimal-to-no human input:

  • Nova can perform a variety of missions, including pilot-less exploration inside structures for reconnaissance and identification of threats. It deploys ahead of or in lieu of its human operators, reducing the risk to those entering harm’s way.

  • Nova is capable of fully autonomous exploration. Because no pilot is required, first responders and service members are able to deploy Nova while remaining focused on completing their missions.

  • While exploring, Nova streams live video and maps to its users via a mobile app, allowing its users to see inside structures before they step inside. Nova equips its operators with critical visibility and information in order to best protect the people they serve and themselves.