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Hivemind Core

Machine Behind the Machine

A Trustworthy AI Framework

Shield AI's Hivemind Core AI framework provides the tools for everyday users to analyze and understand AI solutions.

Large-Scale Data Handling

A single Nova 2 running Hivemind Edge can log 100 gigabytes of sensor and telemetry data per hour. Scalable data and processing pipelines ensure that ingestion and movement of data is responsive and cost effective. Pruning strategies focus analysis resources on what matters most.

Decision Verification

AI behavior is difficult to understand and explain. Without appropriate design and tooling, resolving why an AI made a decision can be difficult. Hivemind Core pairs with Hivemind Edge to provide developers the tools to understand AI decision making and, in doing so, establish trusted systems.

No Needles in Haystacks

In an identical sequence of events, AI may exhibit an anomaly behavior 1 of 10,000 times or less. Data introspection tools and careful thread-handling within Hivemind Edge software enables deterministic playback of events, making problems reproducible. Developers are empowered to identify and solve these problems at high speed.

From Edge Experience to Core Memory
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Deploying systems in the real-world to perform experiments or generate data sets is expensive and risky. Capturing real-world data once and generating synthetic data at scale is more cost-effective and scalable.

With Hivemind, information captured during real-world operation with Hivemind Edge is transferred and stored in Hivemind Core within a memory bank. Using this data, Hivemind Core generates synthetic experiences and deploys variations of AI capabilities at scale, over and over.

Hivemind Core drives relentless learning and advancement of the artificially intelligent system while empowering developers to discover what works best.

Agile, Rapid & Purposeful Environment Creation

Hivemind Core leverages a custom simulation framework purpose-built for AI development that can run on top of Unity and Unreal, enabling rapid real-time editing and experiment design.

Synthetic environment creation is expedited without sacrificing fidelity allowing unmanned systems to train and learn at increased rates.

Photorealistic Simulation of Real-World Locations

Developers from world-class movie and game studios, recognized for creating computer-generated imagery indecipherable from the real world, built the core of Shield AI’s simulation system.

Photorealistic simulation means light distortion, smudged camera lens, dust, and nighttime conditions can be rendered. Developers can rapidly generate scenarios too varied, complex, and expensive to realize in real life.  

Lightweight Simulation for Iteration, High-Fidelity Simulation for Refinement

High-fidelity simulation environments are effective, but not always required. Barebones simulation and testing strips away the complexity and executes parameter learning and regression analysis at maximum speed and a fraction of the cost.

Fleet Insights Across Echelons & Domains

Hivemind Core is integrating secure global data pipelines in the approachable future. Software updates will be pushed to Hivemind Edge systems and service members can upload data back to Hivemind Core for learning, analysis, and dissemination. With the future emergence of intelligent swarms, fleet insights from advanced analytics can contribute to informing tactical, operational, and strategic levels of command.

Synthetic Training for Real World Operations

High-fidelity synthetic environments are the training grounds of the future. Hivemind Core is designed for modularity and integration. With Hivemind Core and connected simulators, humans and machines will be able to rapidly iterate across a multitude of operational environments to refine human-machine tactics and develop best practices in the synthetic world before facing the demands of real-life operations.

Learned within the Core, Operationalized at the Edge

Data, developers, and Hivemind Core collaborate to develop and deploy effective skills, tactics, and strategies for battlefield applications. Lessons learned are passed on to Hivemind Edge to deploy and operationalize.

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