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Human-Machine Teaming for the AI Era

Hivemind Nova, top view

Nova is the leading AI-powered aerial robot capable of both outdoor and autonomous indoor ISR operations.

Nova is capable of 100 percent self-directed exploration of buildings, dense urban environments and GPS-absent areas. Nova flies itself and works in the day and in total darkness to produce better mission outcomes and to reduce risk to operators.



What is Fly-by-AI?

Fly-by-AI is how we, at Shield AI, describe Nova's self-directed exploration. Nova is fully autonomous; no pilot and no remote operator are required for it to complete its mission. 

We designed Nova to independently operate in complex environments, leveraging AI and machine learning to determine what it should do, and when and how to accomplish its task. By operating 100 percent autonomously, Nova is able to reduce the cognitive load of its operators, enabling them to focus on the most mission-critical work before them. Fly-by-AI enables Nova to become a fully integrated part of the team.


Nova is combat proven:

  • Works in GPS- and comms-denied areas

  • Launches from stand-off distance or close to structure

  • Offers manual flight on demand

  • Returns to operator when exploration is complete

  • Nova offers outdoor and indoor reconnaissance

  • Searches buildings without a pilot

  • Streams real-time video and maps to operator

  • Provides the ability to label and measure maps

  • Operates in low and no-light conditions


How does Nova fly itself?

Click to read more from Shield AI’s CTO Professor Nathan Michael, who has dedicated his career to building artificially intelligent systems:


the Next Generation

The AI era is now.

Nova provides you with the advantage today. Shield AI’s next generation will change the landscape of tomorrow.