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At Shield AI we come to work each day focused on the greatest challenges in robotics and autonomy in service to a mission that matters. Come start your career with our remarkable team dedicated to pushing the boundaries of the state of the art -- and know that the work you do each day will make a difference.


Shield ai values

Be Trustworthy

Be Trustworthy

Engage with integrity, act with honesty and pursue the highest of principles at all times. Place the success of your peers and the team ahead of your own. Be an expert at what you do and go to extreme lengths to uphold commitments. Instill pride in all those with and for whom you work.

Have Fire


Demand excellence of yourself, and inspire it in those around you. Earn your spot on the team everyday. Embrace the struggle: the fight, the sweat, and the joy that is the journey toward greatness. Do not seek to merely win the game, but to play the perfect game. Work hard.

Learn Relentlessly


Master fundamentals and apply them. Master your topical area through relentless pursuit of knowledge.
Apply logical, rigorous, efficient problem-solving approaches. Develop the dual capability to think big picture and think deep. Recognize that being great at the big things requires being great at small things. Devote great attention to detail. Hone your self-awareness and commit to self-improvement.

Be Kind

Be Kind

Truly respect all people. Treat people with kindness in their presence, and outside of their presence - expect the same of others. Without exception.