Arjun Suresh


AI & Autonomy

Arjun Suresh was born and had his upbringing in India. His early schooling was in Mumbai, the commercial capital of India and also the city that houses Bollywood. He shifted to Bangalore , the silicon Valley of Asia for his undergraduate studies. True to his passion developed in early years in Engineering and Science, he pursued Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Robotics from Carnegie Mellon University , Pittsburgh. Arjun has accomplished development of integrated hardware and software systems involving autonomous mobility. For instance, he completed a project for a Japanese shipbuilding company which entailed development of motion planning and localization software for and autonomous welding robot. Arjun specializes in motion planning and control systems which is at the heart of lending autonomy to mobility platforms. Arjun's past-time is Tennis, Tennis and you guessed it right : Tennis.